Parties at FitzGerald's

Party Room

Thank you for considering FitzGerald's for your gathering. We are happy to accommodate any special requests you may have – and with more than 30 years' experience, we know how to throw a party!   Our drink packages offer a variety of options for parties of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Contact Josie:

Room Sizes

Our party room can easily accommodate from 20-75 guests, or a sit-down dinner for 50. With the use of our adjoining SideBar for non-sit-down gatherings, the number increases to 100.  Should you require more space, our summer garden (75 in season) and nightclub (up to 300) are also available for rental.

(In this SideBar photo, the door to the party room is at the right hand side of the picture. Party room itself is on Parties home page.  These two rooms are completely separate from the nightclub).


If you’re bringing in your own music, we will provide a hookup to our sound system for your smartphone or tablet. We can also offer our Touchtunes Jukebox (in the SideBar only), a revolutionary touch-screen digital system which gives you access to over 300,000 songs that can be chosen individually, by theme, genre or through keywords.

Bringing in a band?  We have an onsite sound system available for rental; the fee is $100 for the system and an additional $150 for a sound engineer.   During the cooler months we also have tents and heaters available at varying rates.

If your event includes a "slide show" of photos with music or power point presentation, our high-definition projector is available for rental. Should you choose to rent our projector, we ask that you come in several days BEFORE your event to make sure your materials and system are compatible with ours. 

 We have basic tables and chairs with some banquet size tables -- enough to handle up to 80 guests in the party room, up to 200 in the club.  Any other furniture, stages, dance floors (in the SideBar), etc. must be rented from an outside source.



FitzGerald’s has a list of preferred caterers, (we recommend Capri Ristorante right next door!) but you are free to choose the company of your choice.

You also have the option of bringing in food; however, our policy is that all non-catered events involving food must include a FitzGerald’s staff member to handle setup, maintenance and cleanup.

The only exceptions are fundraisers and benefits, in which case you may choose to have volunteers handle those duties. We offer special rates for non-profits; for a full explanation of benefit/fundraiser rates and policies, please call our party planner at: (708)788-2118, x. 24

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to have a food truck at your event, you must secure permission from the City Of Berwyn and fill out/return to them any required forms/licenses at least 2 weeks in advance of your event date.  City: (708) 788-2600, Health Dept. Office.

Drink packages

FitzGerald’s offers several drink packages to suit your needs. If you're unsure about purchasing a package, here are some options:

  • CASH BAR – Your guests pay for their own drinks.
    Any of our bar packages may be combined with a cash bar; for instance, you may choose to offer your guests our basic package of beer, wine, soft drinks and juice, and all other drinks can be purchased by them.
  • RUN A TAB – In this case, a running total of drinks is kept at the bar and you pay the tab at the end of the party. This is a good option if you have some guests who don't drink and some who do and you don't want to limit selection.

FOR THE CASH BAR AND TAB OPTIONS, we do require a minimum of $15 per person on weeknights, $20 per person on Friday and Saturday nights. For any parties held in the afternoon on any day, the minimum remains $15. What this means is that if you have a party for 50 people on a weeknight or afternoon, if the bar total is under $750(50 x 15), you must still pay $750. If a party for 50 is held on a Friday or Saturday night, the bar tab must reach $1000 (50 x 20).

It may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that with the average drink at $5, this comes out to around one drink an hour per person (four-hour party) even on a weekend. We don't know about your friends, but ours could certainly meet that minimum with ease!

DRINK PACKAGES: The packages listed below are popular choices for individual and groups who want to project and control their costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum party time is four hours. The two and three-hour package prices are for customers who wish to offer a package for part of the party and then switch to a cash bar (this option available only in SideBar). Packages for fewer than four hours on a Friday or Saturday night will have a $100 room charge added.

Prices are per person.

  • Brew House PackageAll Bottle & Tap Beers, House Wines, Soft Drinks & Juices, Coffee
    $20/2 hr. - $22/3 hr. - $24/4 hr
  • Signature PackageAll Bottled Beers, House Wines, Soft Drinks & Juices Plus ONE Tap Beer & ONE of our signature cocktails
    (see cocktail list below--tap beers change seasonally) 
    $22/2 hr. - $24/3 hr. - $26/4 hr.
  • Deluxe Bar PackageAll Bottle & Tap Beers, House Wines, Standard (well) Liquors, Soft Drinks & Juices
    $24/2 hr. - $26/3 hr. - $28/4 hr.
  • Open Bar Package: The Big Kahuna! All Beers, Wines, Well & Top Shelf Liquors, Soft Drinks & Juices
    $26/2 hr. - $28/3 hr. - $30/4 hr.
  • No Alcohol Package: Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Juices and Coffee. All other drinks cash bar.  Available only in SideBar. 
  • $10/2hr - $12/3hr - $14/4hr



In addition to the selections below, ask to see our full classic cocktail menu.  If you have your own signature cocktail in mind, please be sure to let us know!

Lynchburg Lemonade – Jack Daniels plus a little sweet/sour & triple sec, topped with Sprite. Pure country.
Bloody Mary – The All–American eye opener, made with premium Vodka.
Mimosa – Champagne and OJ – perfect for brunches, showers and anniversary parties.

Paloma -  Premium silver tequila, grapefruit juice and lime juice, topped off with club soda. Light, fun and fizzy.
Martini – Shaken or stirred, made with Absolut or Tanqueray.  Old school pleasure.
Madras – Bacardi Silver Rum, cranberry & grapefruit. Practically nutritous.
Pimms Cup – A Crescent City staple; Pimms, ginger ale and soda with cucumber garnish. Light but lively.



Looking for something a little different than the banquet hall?  FitzGerald's has hosted dozens of weddings and other ceremonies for all faiths.   Many couples hold the cermony in our club or garden, and after the vows, there is music and dancing in our legendary nightclub, plenty of tent space for guests to sit and talk and a beautifully restored SideBar and party room for smaller receptions.

Give us a call or email with your questions and ideas; we'd love to work with you to make your wedding one that your guests will remember.  We're a family business, so we know money is always a concern -- we've worked with budgets big and small and we'll do everything we can to help you get the most from yours!


Sample Photos

Here are some photos (mostly of setups)  from that may help you plan for your setup: